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Facility Management Services (FMS)

IT staffing is one of the outsourcing strategies where the service contributor helps the client and offers skilled staff to the client in achieving business objectives. It is an efficient way to get highly specialized and qualified personnel at a substantially low cost. NexTech IT Solution has been into IT staffing services for the past 15 years. We have a full-fledged staffing team and recruitment, professionally managed by an experienced management team. We are specializing in using the power of technology coupled with our technical expertise in human capital management so that organizations maximize their effectiveness and value. We are one of the leading IT Staffing company in India which provides complete placement services and HR solutions to prestigious companies.

We provide IT Staffing services to clients which enable them to extend their staff to our offshore development centre in India and taking advantage of our experienced and qualified personnel. Our services offer clients a cost-effective solution to expand and increase their staff and help organizations to accomplish seasonal projects.

Avail Best IT Staffing Services That We Offer

Permanent Placement Services

Some companies are lacking the recruitment strength at times, so, they may need to outsource the task of shortlisting the desired candidates. Our Staffing service helps the companies to find the perfect match and help these companies by

• Shortlisting the candidates

• Managing the interview process

• Negotiating the offers

• Interacting with the candidates until they join

Payroll Services

Some Employment Agencies want resources based on projects and they would not like to manage the employee HR functions like Statuary and taxation, increments, performance appraisals, payroll generation, etc. We offer a perfect solution for the same


These services are very similar to Contact service. The company may need to hire the resource after a period of months or year. Company monitors the performance of the resource before getting the candidates on their payroll.

Key Features of IT Staffing

• We offer on-site helpdesk facility and 24/ 7 customer support to our clients.

• We have so many options of non-comprehensive contracts.

• We give NAS or SAN storage solution and System integration technology.

• Our Company provide Asset management system and 99 % uptime guarantee.

• Wireless and Wired LAN or WAN management System.

Job Posting

A job posting is an advertisement which is created by human resources staff, a recruiter that alerts current employees, an employer, his administrative, public of an immediate or a future job opening within a company. The posting might appear on a company’s print media, website or blog, or bulletin board such as industry-related publications, newspapers, and magazines. Job postings might appear on job board, classified ad, career, and social networking sites. Some of the employers invest in posting job openings by phone or browser apps, electronic ticker-style signs.

There are two main types of job postings are internal and external postings. The External postings are usually open to the entire public or targeted to a segment like qualified applicants with profiles on specific career sites and internal posting is for employees only. Many companies often post job openings internally and externally at the same time without advising job seekers for hiring an employee anyway.

IT Recruiter Job Description

Large companies generally use IT Recruiters to hire professionals for areas of technology at the professional positions which include analysts, developers, engineers, system architects, and technical support staff members. IT recruiters create a pool of candidates through social networking, community organizations, job fairs, Internet data mining, and media channels. IT recruiters are the communication link between the job applicant and the hiring company. Recruiters proceed with the identification of potential candidates through interviewing and screening their pool of applicants. IT recruiters are also responsible for completing job applicant background checks and other pre-employment procedures.